Busy, but hungry

As a BOSS BABE BUSY BEE, I’ve got many mouths to feed (who happen to be all male – help me now), plus I’m a girl who loves food! I have found meal prep is a MUST every weekend as well as Walmart Grocery Pickup (if you are clueless about this gem, thank me later and here’s $10 off when you click here).

PLUS, you can get a personal shopper thanks to Shipt! Simply download the app, use this referral link, shop, pay, and wait for your personal shopper to deliver your items straight to your door! Yesssss!!! My Shipt stores are Target, Publix, and BiLo!

Seriously. It’s life-changing.

I will share recipes here that work for us because, if your life is anything like ours, you barely have time to think about cooking, let alone actually pulling it off. When you are pulled in thousands of directions, the drive thru is more appealing, but it’s not so nice to your wallet or waist – can I get an “AMEN!” on that one, anyone?

Lastly, I am a recipe follower so I will always give credit to cookbooks or online recipes found. This girl can’t create a masterpiece from scratch, but I will gladly recreate yours if you give me a recipe to follow! My husband, on the other hand, can create magical concoctions in the kitchen with whatever condiments and ingredients he finds and the meal is delicious. I simply don’t have that talent.

So here’s to a busy and hungry life! Enjoy what’s shared and spend time at the dinner table together!