About me

My name is Kelly Bailey.

I’m a wife and a mother of three boys, plus I am a full-time teacher. I am busy, but who isn’t?! Pulled in so many directions and running around 80% of my time for others, 10% trying to remember the things forgotten, and the other 10% on myself (if I get that lucky).

I’m using my experience to share what works for me in this crazy, awesome world so that I may help someone else. It wasn’t until years after having my first child that I realized I mattered (mainly because a tiny human completely depended on me for once). I wish I learned it much earlier in life.

Through it all, I remained an organized, determined soul. If I put my mind to doing something, it’s done, but if I get overwhelmed, I shut down. Can anyone relate? I’ve found when I make it 100% a part of my life, no matter the distractions or excuses along the way, that I’ll commit and follow through without shutdown because I have no other choice. It’s what I want to do and I make it work because it works for me.

Living life under such commitment, determination, and pressure brings me to the term: BOSS BABE BUSY BEE.

Boss Babes living life as busy bees: you’re amazing.

Tell yourself that every day and speak positive affirmations to build such confidences in your day.

🐝 Be the boss of your own decisions and own it.

🐝 Be the babe who looks at the reflection in the mirror and smiles back.

🐝 Be the busy bee whose life may look chaotic at times, but you have it together in your own way and love every up- and downhill battle.

Kudos to all the Boss Babe Busy Bees out there livin’ life with a phone in your hand, a baby in your arms, cold food in front of you, and having life sucked out of you (literally and figuratively), while you try to keep your clothes on (no thanks to the tugging and kicking infant) because you finally made it out of the door dressed nicely, hair done, and makeup on!

YOU GOT THIS and you look great doing it too!