I see you, Mama.

You wake up each morning putting your best foot forward as you carefully step throughout the day. You’ve already thought about the million things you need to do today. Truth be told, you couldn’t fall asleep because those thoughts were going through your head the night before. You may have done some prep work prior to going to bed while everyone else was sleeping. You are the last to fall asleep almost every night.

You’re the workhorse who puts everyone else’s needs before your own.

You’re the

…alarm clock.



…personal shopper.


…personal hygienist.



…personal assistant.


…event planner.


…financial coordinator.


…safety advocate.

…rights activist.









…creativity specialist.


You get my point.

I want you to know your exhausted look in the grocery store is one I’ve had on my face many times before. If you’re like me, you don’t even like going to the grocery store, but you’ll go because it gets you out of the house if you go without kids.

It’s ok that you’re scolding your child in public or chasing after them while leaving your buggy behind. I get it. Some people will stare, but you do you, Mama. The truth is there are more people around you observing with a smile on the inside knowing you aren’t alone because they’ve been there too.

Motherhood is a beautiful exhaustion where the reward is plentiful and incredibly worth every tired state.

However, it’s in those tested times that we need reassurance from other moms that we aren’t alone. It’s within the walls of our house that we need to know other moms have lost their cool and yelled and said things they shouldn’t all out of incredibly hard mom moments where we are simply trying to get this parenthood thing right.

Well, Mama…

  • You won’t get it right all the time.


  • Your house won’t look like it rolled out of a magazine spread.


  • Your words won’t always be uplifting an encouraging.


  • Your kids won’t win all the awards and won’t be the best at everything they do. No child of yours is perfect.


  • You won’t ever have it all figured out.


Embrace the hard mom moments with deep breaths and come back to the realization that this won’t be the last time you become frustrated as a mom – but know you are not alone in any moment.

Tell your child “I love you” no matter what. Say “I’m sorry” for actions or words you regret. Give big hugs and ask your child to forgive you. Talk to your child about the right and wrong ways to speak and act whether in public or private and let them know this applies to adults too. Our behavior speaks volumes and while we lose it every once in a while, our reaction in those vulnerable, emotional moments show our children and anyone watching how to also respond.

So as a mom who has had a hard-mom-day, let me know who is with me and can relate to those “I’ve lost it” moments. Leave a comment or share this post to let other moms know –

I see you, Mama! You are not alone!

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