Chicken Stew Anytime!!

Ok. So if you aren’t from Spartanburg, S.C., you won’t understand the desperate desire for chicken stew on cold, rainy days. But let me tell ya, it’s real and it’s fierce. The good thing for me is Holden’s Ranch is right down the road from my house. The bad is that on these cold, rainy days they sell out of chicken stew – almost always! I knew this would be a yucky week so I planned ahead! I found a recipe for chicken stew and hoped it would come close.

Here’s where I prayed. I prayed hard for this recipe to taste good.

Y’all! It tastes the same, if not better!!!! I. AM. SO. EXCITED. No more rush to Holden’s (as long as I can get ingredients ahead of time). This mama is one happy camper!!

Let the happy dance commence! Here’s the link to her post for the recipe and instructions (click here) and let me know of your thoughts if you make it yourself!

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