Tuscan Soup, for the win!

Oh my goodness!!! Y’all?!?! This has become a family favorite at our house and it’s super simple to make – and there’s an added bonus –

It tastes just like Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup!!!

I cannot take credit for the recipe (I’m the recipe-follower, remember), so I am sharing it here. Now that fall weather is finally approaching, this would be great to make.

First, let me give credit where credit is due. If you look back on a recent post, you’ll see I suggested an app called Cozi. Well…Cozi, the FREE app, has recipes loaded on it AND you add recipes to it as well. The Warm-Your-Soul Tuscan Soup recipe is one of the a pre-loaded recipes we adore at The Bailey House!

Warm-Your-Soul Tuscan Soup


  • 1 lb mild Italian sausage
  • 32 oz chicken broth
  • 12 oz evaporated or condensed milk (DO NOT use sweetened condensed milk)
  • 6-8 red potatoes, diced
  • 1/2 large onion, chopped
  • 2 tablespoon Italian seasoning (or mixture of dried basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, sage)
  • Salt or garlic salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Optional: spinach or kale, chopped
    1. Cook the sausage in the same large stew pot you will use to cook the soup. Drain excess fat and return to pot.
    2. Add chicken broth and evaporated (or condensed) milk and bring to a boil.
    3. Reduce heat so soup simmers. Add chicken broth, potatoes, onion, salt, and pepper.
    4. The soup is done once the potatoes are cooked through (about 20-30 minutes). If using spinach or kale, add during the last few minutes of cooking.

    I’d love to know your thoughts if you try it out!


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