A Family “In the Know”

Those who know me know that I’m a planner and I’m pretty organized. Becoming a mom and having more than one child has definitely challenged me to remain organized for my sanity. I never knew the whirlwind baby #3 would bring when having to keep up with so many schedules and organizing pretty much every move I make so we all come out alive at the end of the day.

Up until this point, I’ve been one to write down my appointments, important dates, and “to do” lists in a planner I carry with me in my pocketbook. I also keep a dry-erase calendar on the fridge with the month’s activities and appointments written out for everyone so millions of questions a day drop down to a few hundred.

Well…after our third son arrived this year, my organized mind became overloaded and overwhelmed (more than normal lol). This girl who thought she had it all together was struggling. I dreaded going back to work bc I knew mornings would be a new hectic routine that I’m wasn’t ready for. So when I came across this app, my life became so much better!

It’s always the little things in life that make the most impact!

Download this app: Cozi Family Organizer

It’s AH-MAZING!!! It was super easy to plug in dates on my laptop vs. my phone when first setting it up. It’s very user-friendly and here are the perks and reasons why you should get it:

  1. Enter in members of your family and assign each a color. You will then tag family members to their specific events created in the app!
  2. Create groceries lists you are able to mark off as you shop.
  3. Create a list of recipes which allows you to move ingredients to your grocery list with a click! From the recipes added into the Cozi app, you’re able to add ingredients to your shopping list easily instead of writing them down or going back and forth from site to app.
  4. Create a “to-do” list and even a “honey-do” list.
  5. The most important of them all…..THE APP IS SHAREABLE!!! Your family members download the app and enter in a code. This allows them to view everything!! No more questions about plans for the day and you can send the hubs shopping with a list and no questions asked!

This app has truly helped me organize our lives and keep my sanity as we juggle multiple schedules. Between work, school, sports, appointments, deadlines, birthdays, holidays, parties, vacations, you name it – this app is a true blessing!

You’ll thank me later! 😊

May your Boss Babe Busy Bee life be full of laughs and good times instead of stress about what’s to come.

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